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DISCRETION, AUTHENTICITY AND NOBILITYSolo Loewe Cedro by Loewe is an “Eau de Toilette” for men with wood spiced notes. It joins the vanguard family: Solo Loewe, bringing a touch of innovation, and with it incorporates fully wood notes this great set. This fragrance was launched in 2015, maintaining the firm's unique style in terms of nuances that characterizes the Spanish brand . He describes a modern urbanite man who, despite his busy life in the big city, nature needs to get to get the full happiness.In his silhouette we can initially distinguish notes like mandarin and pink pepper, responsible for bring you a naughty touch to break his seriousness, followed by lavender and nutmeg, totally distinguishable scents among other things, to give the protagonist finally cedar and benzoin place. As we can see, Loewe continues to promote the use of scarce, but excellent ingredients to create its jewellery perfume.CLASSIC AND BALANCED. We are facing a creation aimed at a traditional public lover of good taste, and an enviable inner balance.EXTERNAL ELEGANCE. The bottle, follow the same lines as the Solo Loewe, but this time all of them are unique and unrepeatable, as the pieces of wood that form are carved by hand and with an enviable inner balance.


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