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Men ANTI-AGEING REGENERATING MOISTURIZER AGE PROTECTION fights signs of tiredness and ageing tones elasticizes regenerates An easy-to-absorb moisturizing cream, fresh, very pleasant to the touch and perfect for daily applications, that helps to combat signs of tiredness and ageing, thanks to precious nourishing, toning and anti-ageing ingredients, including taurine, extract of Siberian ginseng and avocado oil, which make your skin more resistant to external aggressions. It is quickly absorbed and is non greasy. INGREDIENTS: • Hyaluronic acid is natural constituent of the dermis present in the intercellular spaces, whose main function is skin hydration. Thanks to its excellent ability to absorb and retain water, it restores and maintains the proper hydration level even in low humidity outdoor conditions, by slowing the evaporation process physiologically. • CellACtive®-MeN is an active ingredient formulated specifically for men's skin that increases the strength and resistance to external agents. It features taurine, Siberian ginseng and Cell_Boost factor. It speeds up the skin regeneration process of micro-cuts caused by shaving, improves the skin's resistance to thermal stress (heat and cold), has powerful long-lasting moisturizing effect already after the first application. • Aquaxyl is moisturizing, restructuring and protecting active ingredient of plant origin, able to level out the horny layer, making the skin more hydrated and resistant to external aggressions, since it optimizes skin’s water reserves, thus slowing the desquamation process caused by dryness or by the use of aggressive detergents. It makes your skin visibly soft and smooth. • Allantoin has smoothing, softening and soothing properties. • Avocado oil has high nourishing and moisturizing power, ideal to give consistency and firmness to mature skins or to those which have lost tone. It is quickly absorbed. • Vitamin has antioxidant properties Airless bottle. 50 ml.


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